Stallholder Terms & Conditions

Mission Statement

  • To inspire and promote Raglan as a place of creative soul and fresh ideas.
  • To provide a community heart, a social hive of activity, a reflection of the diverse & talented local people.
  • To act as an incubator for embryonic small businesses in the region – to encourage and promote local products, producers and support them via a platform to showcase what they make and grow.
  • To provide a monthly array of fresh foods, produce, & interesting wares that may not usually be readily available in Aotearoa – NZ.

Terms & Conditions

  • Raglan Creative Market is a monthly event that happens on the 2nd Sunday of every month, 10am – 2pm rain or shine at the Old School Arts Centre, Stewart Street, Raglan (if the weather is challenging, you can pack up at 1pm).
  • Minimum 60% of produce must be hand made or created by stall holders
  • NO second hand clothing or other used items to be sold, unless items have been modified and/or up-cycled.
  • No person or group is permitted to walk around the market with a petition or any similar type of requesting signatures.
  • During Covid 19 – during any pandemic – the Creative Market organisers follow the current government mandates and guidelines. We ask all participants to agree and to respect these conditions.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry into the market, based on all of the above.

Booking and Site Allocations 

  • Allocation of regular sites is available for stallholders on seasonal / special deals.
  • Notification of non-attendance by a stall holder is required one week PRIOR to the scheduled market date.  Regular location/position of stall holder will otherwise be reviewed.


  • Stall fees are non-refundable, however you are able to transfer to another market date, if you let the coordinator know prior.
  • Booking sites in advance is a must to secure a site, especially if you are wanting to be inside. Failure to turn up by 9am means your site will be given away to transient stall holders and no refund will be given.


  • Quality, locally made products are given preference, and stall holders must make clear to the Raglan Creative Market what percent of their products are hand made in NZ.
  • No additional products can be sold on that stall without prior approval; hence stall holders must notify market organisers their intentions to change or add new products to their stall before the market day (by phone call or e-mail).
  • Tidy, well displayed products will convey the image of high standards and will be given priority.
  • Please ensure you carry sufficient stock that is fresh.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse any items to be sold at the market.


It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure they comply with any legal or local government requirements. Market organisers accept no responsibility for any theft, damage or loss to any stall holders goods or equipment.

Stallholder Requirements

General Safety and Health Rules

  • The premises are a non-smoking zone.
  • Illegal acts and drugs are prohibited.
  • Alcohol is specifically prohibited except for an approved licensed event or as approved by the RCAC committee.
  • Any conduct, which threatens personal health, well-being, or security of employed or volunteer staff, of stallholders & the public, or endangers property, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Stallholder Rules

  1. Stallholders are to abide with the RCAC Safety and Health Rules.
  2. This is a heritage building; all stallholders & occupiers must ensure no activity affects this status.
  3. No candles, matches nor fuel powered lighters are to be used within the buildings.
  4. Electric extension cords, appliances are to be in a safe condition, external cords & of NZ Standard.
  5. Respect access and egress requirements and ensure that walkways and exits are clear of clutter.

Emergency services must have access at all times. The public must have easy egress in the event of an emergency.

  • If selling food items, ensure that good hygiene practices are obeyed and that your stall follows the requirements of the Waikato District Council.
  • Children are to be kept under strict supervision at all times.
  • Pets must be kept under the strict control of their owner while on the premises, ie. dogs on leads.
  • Vehicle access to the market is restricted prior to 8.45am and after 2pm.
  • No vehicles are to be parked anywhere on Stewart St between 9-2pm.
  • Your disposables and trash are your responsibility. Please respect and observe our goal of ZERO WASTE and Reusable Raglan and refer below.
  • All potential HAZARDS are to be promptly brought to the notice of the market team.
  • All accidents or incidents are to be immediately brought to the notice of the market coordinator.

Raglan Creative Market Waste Minimisation

Stallholders play a very important part in helping create a zero waste event.

Your support of the Raglan Old School Arts Centre’s waste minimization goal is appreciated. Please abide by the following:

Recycling facilities will be provided. There will be three public waste streams collected: recyclables, compostable and general waste, with an emphasis on recycling and composting.

In terms of goods sold/dispensed, please only bring items and packaging to the market that can be placed in one of these streams.

Food vendors are to take their food waste & other waste away with them. We suggest you provide your own 2 bins (food & waste) and ask your customers to drop them by your stall.