Book a Stall

If you believe your stall is consistent with the Raglan Creative Market policy,  contact our Market Coordinator Deb King in the Arts Centre Office, on (07) 825 0023 or email

Click here to fill out the registration form. Please send it back to

Early booking is advised.

Booking of stall spaces is dependent on space availability and at the discretion of the market organisers who will decide if the products and/or services reflect the standard of the Raglan Creative Market.

  • Permanent stallholders have the first right to stalls inside the Old School Arts Centre.
  • External stall spaces are 3 x 3 meters.
  • Internal stall spaces are limited to one trestle table.

Stall Costs – Summer (October-April)

  • Casual stall holder fee is $40 per single booking for a one off outside stall or inside trestle space OR
  • Summer deal October to April.  Summer deal stallholders pay $245.  There is no carry forward if you do not attend a market.  7 months = $245 instead of $280 which is a savings of $5 per market/total $35.  Summer deal must be paid in fully by 30 October
  • Regular market dates (2nd Sunday of every month) excludes additional or themed markets.
  • Power is available (stall holder must supply own adapters and extension cables) $5 (10A), $8 (16A), $12 (32A).

Stall Costs – Winter (May-September)

  • $35 per single booking for a one off outside stall or inside trestle space
  • Power is available (stall holder must supply own adapters and extension cables) $5 (10A), $8 (16A), $12 (32A)
  • Winter deal for May to September.  Members pay $150.  No carry forward if you don’t attend. 5 months = $150, saving of $5 per market.
  • Regular market dates (2nd Sunday of every month) excludes additional or themed markets

(Please note, due to COVID – 19, there are no winter deals available for winter 2020) 

Stall Costs – Children 

  • Special rate of $10 per stall for children under 12
  • Trestle tables are available for an additional $10
  • No adults on the stall

Additional and themed market stall prices 

Regular stall $45

Fill-A-Gap Space $30 (Wheelbarrow space outside 1.5 x 1.5)

Raglan Whaingaroa Not for profit Community Stall $20 ( Small table size)

Stall Payments

Payment is due the Wednesday prior to the weekend market.

Bank Account Details: Raglan Community Arts Council, Kiwibank, Raglan

Bank Account Number:38 9018 0232468 00

  • Payment by Internet Banking: include the letter RCM under particulars, your name under code and the market date as references
  • Bank Deposit: include the digits of your phone number as reference
  • In Person: The office is open Monday to Friday from 10am – 2pm.  If none of the other options are feasible contact the coordinator to arrange pre-payment for your stall.


Stall fees are non-refundable. Booking sites in advance is a must to secure a site, but failure to turn up one hour prior to the market starting may mean that your stall site is given away.

Market Day Housekeeping

  • Vehicles must be removed from the market space by 9am. Make sure you are here at the time allocated to unload, this depends on where your stall will be. The market runs from 10am to 2pm.
  • Access to the building is available from 7.30am – Summer & Winter.
  • You will be advised of the time that best suits the site and depending on where your stall will be.
  • Stallholders must park their vehicles off the whole of Stewart St, be prepared for a 5 minute walk. You can only park directly outside the market area (Stewart St) when you are dropping off (& when you are packing down) as we need this space for your customers during 9am-2pm.
  • Ensure you have a float to give change (the nearest ATM is 5 mins walk away).
  • Using the Old School Eftpos machine – Can only be used by prior arrangement – Arrange with the market team before the end of the market, if not before.
  • Stallholders must stay until 2pm, please ensure that you have plenty of stock.
  • Stallholders who need to leave earlier must let the organiser know prior.
  • Under no circumstances are vehicles to enter into the tarmac area before 2pm for safety reasons, unless by prior arrangement with the market organiser.
  • Stallholders are responsible to leave their spaces tidy, return tables, chairs and take any of their own waste away; if there is any damage, must let the market organiser know before leaving.

The atmosphere among stallholders is warm and encouraging…..enjoy yourselves!